Thomas Carchidi is our founder and has a vast career in law enforcement. He is a retired police officer who worked in Baltimore City and suburbs of the Washington DC area. He has also worked as a sworn law enforcement supervisor in the State of New York after retiring from the Police Department in Maryland. The law enforcement career of Tom is highly decorated. Throughout his law enforcement career, Tom has been the recipient of many awards, such as a Medal for Valor Lifesaving Award, and Nominated for the National Rifle Association Officer of the Year for 2013. Tom has a Masters Degree and over twenty-five years in martial arts experience.

The training and experience provided by our drivers is second to none. Law enforcement personnel spend the majority of their careers behind the wheel. They have also spent their career handling life and death situations. Law Chariot puts the safety of you and your loved ones first.

Who would you rather have driving you? Would it be an ordinary driver or a Law Chariot law enforcement professional? The answer is obvious. A law enforcement professional by your side is the best choice.

(Ret) Sgt. Thomas Carchidi: Daily News November 20th, 2012 Sandy: The Aftermath. Click to read article.

(Ret) Sgt. Thomas Carchidi: Appeared in the 2014 Episode of Hurricane 360: Nightmare in New York on The Weather Channel. Click to watch the episode.
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